Delivery Rates

Aggregate Products

Minimum 1-hour delivery charge.

3-yard Dump Truck (small truck)

$ 70/hr

  • Approx. 4.5-ton load per truck

10-yard Dump Truck (tandem)

$ 110/hr

  • Approx. 14-ton load per truck

17-yard End Dump

  • Approx. 24-ton load per truck. Call us at (970) 385-4112 to determine if this option is suitable for your delivery site.

Redi Mix Concrete

For after-hours changes or cancellations, call Jody at (970) 799-8683.

Less than 1 hour away one-way from C&J Gravel

No Charge

  • Other fees, such as additional pour times may apply.

Pagosa Springs, Cortez, or more than one-hour away

$ 12/hr per yd

  • No charge for first hour of round-trip.